1 in Nagatinsky Zaton will open a new school

On Ship street is being prepared for commissioning the building of the secondary school, which will accommodate up to 550 students. According to the head of the Department of urban planning policy of Moscow Sergey Levkin, its first students the building will have a September 1.

the School was built as part of the residential complex at the expense of extrabudgetary sources. However, according to Levkin, in the near future the investor will transfer its property in the city. It is already known that it will be “School № 1770”.

the Unusual shape of the building will delineate streams pupils according to their age. There will be classes of a primary school, workshops, library, gym, medical room, rooms for working groups of the prolonged day, a dining room and Assembly hall.

In March, 2019 in the district opened a kindergarten for 220 seats, which the investor has already passed the city. Before that, he built a pedestrian promenade, said Levkin.

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