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1 – Duck à l’orange . Has the poster, this season, the Théâtre de la Michodière, Nicolas Briançon interprets and showcases the Duck à l’orange , cult – jubilant – the English author William Douglas Home . Star presenter of a tv show, Hugh Preston is also a husband unfaithful and a manipulator well known. On a Friday night, he learns that Liz ( Anne Charrier ), his wife, has a lover… and that she intends to leave with him the Sunday morning following. Hugh will do anything to retrieve it.

Where? At the Théâtre de la Michodière – 4 Bis Rue de la Michodière (Ii)

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2 – Goodbye, Mr. Haffmann . Jewel of a creation signed Jean-Philippe Daguerre , Goodbye, Mr. Haffmann (winner of four molières in 2018) transports you back in 1942, in Paris, at the dramatic moment when the nazis imposed the wearing of the yellow star. Joseph Haffmann, jewish boss of a jewelry store, offers to Peter, his employee, to bequeath to his shop if he agrees to hide it secretly in the cellar of the store. The pact is sealed, but in a condition a little special… Sir Haffmann must be a child of the Stone woman, diagnosed sterile by the doctors.

Where? At the Theatre Rive Gauche – 6 Rue de la Gaité (Xiv)

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3 – Tasting . After the huge success of the film remembering the beautiful things, in 2002, Bernard Campan find Isabelle Carré on the boards of the Théâtre de la Renaissance , for a romantic comedy funny and touching. Tasting , Ivan Calbérac ( The Student and Mr. Henri , Venice is not Italy …), paints a portrait of two lost souls, a workshop, a wine tasting will bring.

Where? The Theatre of the Renaissance – 20 Boulevard Saint-Martin (Xth)

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4 – The Two brothers and the Lions . Created in 2012, from a true story, the play The Two brothers and the lions , and with Hédi Tillette de Clermont-Tonnerre , portrayed the journey – atypical – exceptional twin self-taught. Young immigrants scottish, these two brothers are going to become, at the end of the Twentieth century, one of the largest fortunes of Great Britain… special Mention to Lisa Pajon , the hugely impressive in the role of the cadet. Not to be missed, the Théâtre de Poche Montparnasse .

Where? At the Théâtre de Poche Montparnasse – 75 Boulevard du Montparnasse (Vi)

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5 – Fear . Fans of thriller and suspense novel, check out Fear , Stefan Zweig , the Théâtre Michel . Adapted and directed by the talented Elodie Leading , this new of the great playwright austrian tells the story of Irene, a young woman caught in adultery, being stalked by the strange companion of his lover.

Where? At the Theatre Michel 38 Rue des Mathurins (Viii)

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6 – Turing Machine . Do you know Alan Mathison Turing? The father of the modern computer, the creator of a machine capable of deciphering the coded messages of the German army during the Second World War, it is part of the heroes and geniuses of the shadow. Pardoned posthumously by queen Elizabeth II in 2013, he was persecuted and sentenced to chemical castration (which will lead him to suicide in 1954) for his homosexuality. The Théâtre Michel , Benoit Soles makes him a glowing tribute with this wonderful piece. A stroke of heart!

Where? At the Theatre Michel 38 Rue des Mathurins (Viii)

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Fabienne Rappeneau/Fabienne Rappeneau

7 – Edmond . Recently adapted for the cinema (with Thomas Solivérès, Mathilde Seigner and Olivier Gourmet), Edmond triumph , the theatre of Alexis Michalik , is to (re)discover this season, the Théâtre du Palais Royal . Awarded five molieres, she recounts with humor and finesse behind the scenes of the creation of Cyrano de Bergerac , the young Edmond Rostand , in 1897.

Where? At the Théâtre du Palais-Royal 38, Rue de Montpensier (I)

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8 – Mademoiselle Molière . In 1661, Molière is in full ascent. His play The Precious ridiculous knows a resounding success, and the author begins to awaken the curiosity of the king Louis XIV in person. It is this same year that he decides to marry Armande, the daughter of his companion at that time, Madeleine Béjart, 20 years his junior… The Théâtre Rive Gauche , Anne Jackson , solar, co-starred with Christophe de Mareuil , more than convincing in the role of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. A delight!

Where? At the Theatre Rive Gauche – 6 Rue de la Gaité (Xiv)

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9 – Fashion Freak Show . It’s THE show event of the moment… At the crossroads of genres, between dance, music and fashion parade, the Fashion Freak Show Jean Paul Gaultier dynamite the boundaries between artistic with style. From its beginnings provocative in its parts, the cults, the enfant terrible of the fashion revisits fifty years of pop culture on the boards of Folies Bergère . A must see!

Where? At the Théâtre des Folies-Bergère – 32, Rue Richer (Ix)

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10 – Compromise . Tandem shock to the Theatre News . Together for the first time on stage, Pierre Arditi and Michel Leeb embody two long-time friends, in the Compromise , by Philippe Claudel. In order to reassure the future buyer of his apartment, during the signing of the compromis de vente, a comedian of a second zone made a call to his friend, a playwright missed. But, very quickly, between the two men, the tone goes up… Nothing will go as planned.

Where? Theatre News – 24 Boulevard Poissonnière (Ix)

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