“You’re going to take Eurostarpendant a period of commemoration. We wish to remind you that the transport of shells (fragments and whole), weapons, ammunition, authentic or dummy, is prohibited,” says the company in a message sent to the passengers.

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” The transportation of shells, weapons, ammunition, authentic or dummy, is prohibited ”

press Release Eurostar

Eurostar, which serves many international destinations including London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, warns that the objects complained of may be “confiscated” and that their discovery would pose a “risk of evacuation” of the station.

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The transport shell of the First world War, turned into souvenirs or flower pot, is a regular at the original security alert. In 2015, a man had attempted to take a train to gare du Nord, in Paris, in the direction of London, with a “shell defused” in his bag, causing the immediate intervention of deminers and the evacuation of all the passengers in the hall international.