No official reception in Paris, without detours in the great museums that are the pride of France. Saturday evening, Emmanuel and Bridget Macron are going to receive the foreign heads of State and their spouses, who came to France on the occasion of the ceremonies of the centennial anniversary of the November 11, for a dinner very chic at the Musée d’orsay. It will be held in the village hall, the former ballroom of the hotel of the gare d’orsay, situated on the first floor of the museum.

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Built for the universal exhibition of 1900, the old station is now dedicated to the impressionists was entrusted to the architect and first grand Prize of Rome, Victor Laloux. Several artists, including Pierre Fritel, Adrien Moreau-Néret, Gabriel Ferrier and Benjamin Constant have worked in salons, and hitherto preserved. It is in this long hall that general de Gaulle held the press conference that announced his return to power.

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Before dinner, the guests of the Macron – fifty heads of State and their spouses, Donald and Melania Trump, Theresa and Philip May, Angela Merkel and Joachim Sauer, will be able to visit the exhibition Picasso Blue and rose , that Macron had inaugurated, in September 2018.

The next day, in addition to the ceremonies themselves, and the launch of the forum for the Peace, spouses of foreign heads of State are all expected for a lunch at the Château of Versailles. For the latter, as for the musée d’orsay, the puzzle of the implementation of security measures has started.

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