15 the streets of Moscow will change the direction of movement

Summer in the capital 14 streets will make unilateral and one bilateral. As told by first Deputy head of Centre traffic Alexander Khodakov, such decision will allow to create in the city additional 411 Parking spaces. 50 of them take for people with limited mobility.

Khodakov also noted that the introduction of one-way traffic allows you to get rid of the problem of counter travel.

So, in the West of Moscow the unilateral will become part of the street of Marshal Timoshenko on the street Academician Pavlova up to the house 16. In Sao: 1-I Podreskova street, 3rd Podreskova street, projected travel № 6098, No. 6193, No. 6194, and Salvador Allende in the area from the street Zorge to the house 4, the case 1.

In the North-East of the capital will make a unilateral 9-th passage Marina grove from Sheremetievskaya street to Staromarinskoe highway. SEAD: the passage from the street polbina street road, travel Dzerzhinsky.

In the Eastern district — the street Lytkarino, pioneer-travel from 5th Avenue Novogireevo to 1st Avenue Novogireevo, as well as 5th Avenue Novogireevo from a Federated to an engineering prospectus.

In “new Moscow” will be unilateral street Baryshevsky — from street of Engels to Moscow. Two-way traffic will enter the site on the 4th of Roschino of travel from street Serpukhov the Shaft to the streets of New dawn and street shkuleva.

additionally, officials plan to cancel a left turn at the exit from the street guerrilla on the street Yartsevskaya and turn on the Talalikhina street near the house 17, building 2 at the Volgograd Prospekt. In the MANAGEMENT explained that such decision will allow to increase throughput.

When each individual on the street will start to operate new rules of the road announced.

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