“If there are nazis in the room, don’t take it personally.” On a trip to Rome, Michel Hazanavicius did not resist to send a few valves by video interposed to 1750 spectators invited to watch his movie, OSS 117: Cairo, nest of spies , on the most beautiful avenue of the world on Sunday evening. The film has been acclaimed by 13,000 voters who have selected the film in the face of young girls of Rochefort of Jacques Demy and The Man from Rio by Philippe de Broca. And the game was worth the candle.

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from 19h, those who have been fortunate to have been selected settle down on the chairs arranged in front of the screen of 180m2. “There’s worse to watch a good movie than being out on a sun lounger with an ice cream on the avenue des Champs-Elysées”, is jubilant Victor, 20 years, jean and green jacket hoody. “We had to see the movie at least five times, tells her mother, Martine, 55 years old. But each time it was at home. We also came to share a positive moment, and laugh with everyone.”

Despite the gusts of wind cool, a warm atmosphere invades the famous avenue. The good mood and the excitement of the spectators are stimulated by the decorations that were installed by the organizers. Anyone could put “a little polish” to the convertible blue led by Bérénice Béjot in the film, take a picture of themselves playing with these guitars “in the form of a big cake-maker” or reproduce the “banal accident jokari” on a beach, reconstituted for the occasion.


“It all goes back to what were the Champs-Élysées, a popular and cultural, which was the first neighborhood theater in Paris”, said Jean-Noël Reinhardt, chairman of the Committee of the Champs-Élysées, which has organized the event in partnership with the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC). Frédérique Bredin, president of CNC, is pleased with the success of the event. “The goal is to take advantage of the holiday to the cinema to be together”, she says.

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The excitement is at its peak when appear the actors, Jean Dujardin and Aure Atika, and the co-writer Jean-François Halin, who came to see the film too. Invited to say a few words on the scene, Jean Dujardin could not help but be the hero, Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath for a few seconds. “I love Paris. I love France,” he declaimed in a tone manly and dumb, before laughing in a laugh bold, like his character.

The public would not have been able to be in better condition to watch the movie. Everyone settles down at the back of his recliner and fixed the screen, nearly forgetting the Arc de triomphe in perspective. The light a little dazzling in the early evening and the freshness of the wind does not weigh so heavily on the side of the pleasure of laughing in unison in front of this cult film.