The heritage Foundation announced on Thursday that all of the projects of the mission of the presenter Stéphane Bern, beyond the 18 iconic landmarks, will be equipped with funds, and launched an appeal to continue to purchase the tickets of scratching. “From now on”, she said in a press release, “the funds available are awarded to the projects selected this year, in order that the backup jobs can start as soon as possible”.

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During the last european heritage Days, a 5.2 million euros from the sale of the games, “Heritage Mission” had already been allocated to the 18 sites, the so-called “emblematic” of their region, allowing them to complete their financing plan as early as 2018. Now, these are all the projects of the mission Bern, beyond the 18 sites with at the time of the european heritage Days in September, which will be equipped according to rules which vary, depending on whether they are sites protected or not protected.

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If they are not protected, they will see 40% of their financing needs insured. Small projects of 50,000 euros will have all their costs covered. The endowment will be greater for sites that are not protected to those who are protected, because they already benefit from exceptional support from the ministry of Culture as historic monuments.

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The total funds raised this year thanks to the games, to departmental appropriations to be exceptional and the collection of donations and sponsorships amounted to 40 million euros. The tickets of scratching of the Française des jeux (FDJ) are still on sale until exhaustion of stocks, recalled Thursday, the Foundation, which has launched an appeal “to maximize the amount of money that the selected sites will be able to benefit”. The sale of games (game of scratch and lotto) for the JDF has reported € 19.6 million, a sum which the Foundation hopes to see increase.

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In September 2017, Stéphane Bern was commissioned by Emmanuel Macron to identify heritage assets at risk and propose innovative sources of financing. The mission has sparked a craze of the French, who have reported more than 2,000 sites. 269 monuments were selected for their state of degradation and their impact on the territories. 34 projects have been deferred or abandoned.

Stéphane Bern is now higher on Tuesday against a proposed amendment to the Assembly removing an article of the Senate exempting the Lottery heritage of the taxation (CSG, VAT and others) that the State shall deduct from the lottery games. But the minister of Culture, Franck Riester was assured that the charge would be compensated by the State by 2019 if the lotto is renewed, as has been the case during the first edition this year.