“Ready or not, here I come”. Lauryn Hill has not failed to its reputation: it came out on stage with over two hours of delay. The american singer occurred on Tuesday evening for the first of his two dates in paris from his tour of Miseducation 20th Anniversary. After years of absence, his fans were awaiting the event with eager. The 15,000 people present at the concert did not have for their money, with tickets at 50 euros minimum. DJ Reborn, one of the first parties, had the responsibility to heat the room before the arrival of the star. She succeeded… but only up to a certain point. Tired of waiting, the visitors started to boo at 21: 30 after hours of waiting, standing in the pit.

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The surprise had to be the delivery of the comedian Fary, who will produce himself in the Arena of Bercy in march. At 21h40, his voice soars through the microphone to ask the public to wait for ten minutes. It does not pass any more. They whistle, jeer at, shout. To its arrival on stage, the comedian just to make them laugh. The atmosphere is very tense, but nothing worked. Under the concert of whistles, he left abruptly the scene.

DJ Reborn makes its return. Fortunately for fans, she had prepared a set very (very) long. “There is not a lot of time to wait,” promises. Yet, still no Lauryn Hill in sight. The public is enraged, he does not dance more.

“to go on stage every day, it is a struggle for me. But it’s worth it”

ms. Lauryn Hill

the service is not very convincing

The hope is reborn to 22h34 when the mic is finally installed on the stage. A few minutes later, Lauryn Hill is finally in a fur coat and wearing a bowler hat-black. The reception was frigid, the public hisses. “Tonight, we will celebrate 20 years of Miseducation ” she said immediately without conviction.

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She began to sing Intro but fails to convince. The set design is non-existent, except for a few videos behind the singer. Lauryn Hill moves a bit, it is still clinging to his microphone. Beside her, her backup singer is trying to heat the room. “Put your hands up in the air,” clamp-t-it. But nobody follows it.

The ex-singer of the Fugees, reinterprets his greatest songs, of Final Hour to Ex-Factor , passing by Zion and Doo-wop . It has lost nothing of his voice which overwhelms that of its three singers, and the notes of his drummer, guitarist and trumpeter. But the heart is not there. From time to time, when she raps, the public seems to have rediscovered a bit of enthusiasm. But at the end of each song, it the hue. Lauryn Hill does not interact with them, the concert is a dire lack of emotion.

ms. Lauryn Hill, authoritarian with his team

With the title Can’t take my eyes off of you , the artist impresses his fans. They sing the chorus in the heart with it. And then, it gets to the point with his musicians, on stage, in front of 15.000 people. Have they told you that? Are they ready? Their relationship does not look good.

Lauryn Hill recites then a strange talk. “Get on stage every day, it is a struggle for me. But it’s worth it,” she says, before talking about sincerity and integrity. The public hue again, surprised by this lack of respect towards them.

Lauryn Hill sings Doo-Wop , the last song. In all, there will have been eight. An interpretation is not very convincing. In the middle of his performance, the lights come back on. It is already 23: 30, it is necessary to leave the room under pain of paying a penalty. AccorHotels Arena makes him understand, by cutting off his microphone. The musicians leave the stage. Lauryn Hill remains, she wants to interpret one last title. But nothing can be done. Nobody turns on his microphone, no musician does. She is the only one.

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The singer bows and leaves the stage under the cries of its fans. It passes briefly in front of the pit to shake the hands of a few. But it won’t be enough to repair his provision of fifty-five minutes in saw teeth. At the exit, the fans talk about a fiasco. Others have not waited for a second to broadcast in their enclosure the album Miseducation . The objective is not to stay on a bad image of Lauryn Hill. The artist must occur a second time Wednesday evening at the AccorHotels Arena. A provision also expected that dreaded.

Lauryn Hill has apologized on Twitter on Tuesday night for its concerts misfire in Brussels and Paris. “We apologize for the delay. We are working on the adaptation to Europe of our production, with the changes of time and curfews that it involves, there have been challenges for these early shows, she wrote. I got on the stage with a lot of gratitude to interpret an album that represents so much to a lot of people. Every day, we are pushing the inertia from past to present something sincere. Thank you for being here, for supporting us, your patience and your understanding. We’re excited at the idea to do this european tour and we look forward to the concert tomorrow!”