This is a small event: Isabelle Adjani, sang on a composition of the electro duet The Penelopes, for a single to be released in digital on October 25, indicates Thursday, the press service of the French training.

A short clip of the 51 first few seconds of Meet Me By the Gates has been unveiled: we first hear the refined voice of the actress, in English, in an atmosphere shrouded, later joined in duet by the stamp the more serious of Axel Basquiat (half of The Penelopes with Vincent Trémel). The press service, contacted by AFP, did not want to tell if the movie star was singing on an album to be released soon or just on a title.

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as announced in October, was mastered in the legendary Abbey Road studios in London by Miles Showell, who worked with Lana Del Rey or even Portishead.

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Isabelle Adjani has already basked in the music, notably in a famous collaboration with Serge Gainsbourg, which had resulted in an album of eleven songs including two flagship publications: the cult Sweater Navy and Ohio , in 1983.

On the other hand, an album announced with Pascal Obispo, referred to by the actress in February 2005, has never seen the light of day. Only a title, agree , with the two artists, and Youssou n’dour, has been published in 2018. Meanwhile, her voice has also been heard on a few occasions, as in 2013 on the title Let Me Freak Out of The Aikiu, group indie in paris, where his eldest son, Barnabas.

Sweater navy Isabelle Adjani and Serge Gainsbourg in 1983