It is now possible to read while driving. Well, almost. The Foundation Vinci Autoroutes is organising for the second year in a row, the operation is “Read, it is travel, travel is read”. The ambition of the project is to combat the risk of drowsiness at the wheel, inviting travelers to extend their breaks by an escape literary. The establishment of a “reading Area”, divided into 27 areas of the network, Vinci Autoroutes, offers a dozen different books.

François-Brice Hincker, director of communications of the Foundation, conceived this project as a means of promoting access to books, essential vector that facilitates the opening of mind and relationships with others: “to Read is to discover the world through different eyes, to listen to a voice other than his own, and in doing so learn the attention to others. The book is also an object that can be shared, transmitted, and which strengthens the link between the individuals. A beautiful programme in the summer period when thousands of holiday makers are together on the road!”.

In the forests of Siberia on the A11

The association receives the prestigious sponsorship of Erik Orsenna, writer and member of the French Academy, who has himself selected works of traditional and contemporary literature that are important to them. He was present Friday, July 19, on the area of the A11 motorway, north of le Mans, to meet the vacationers and share with them impressions from reading around its selection literary: “Read it, is to journey, to travel is to read, in the words of Victor Hugo: this means that when one reads, one is more grand. That one is not assigned to residence. It can be while at the same time. Read allows you to be more alive, as when one is in love. This is the reading: when we choose books, we wander through the ages, through the heroes, across the country. We travel everywhere.” A writer and traveler, Erik Orsenna wants this project to highlight the benefits of reading, which allows you to travel and escape otherwise, to have many lives contained in a single thanks to the power of the imagination.

Among the titles that Erik Orsenna has chosen, we find classics of the literature and of the works to more contemporary. Here are a few examples of what can be (re -) discover travellers: In the forests of Siberia , Sylvain Tesson, the Chronicles , Bob Dylan, To the lighthouse Virginia Woolf, Le ravissement de Lol V Stein , by Marguerite Duras, or Pastoral american , by Philip Roth.

available books for children

The foundation also offers a selection of books for the youth. The National Book Centre and its operation summer “From a book” makes available to the children of hundreds of novels, comic books, or picture books. Some volunteers have even been asked to read to the little ones among them, to give them the taste of reading and the importance of the links between the generations. Like their parents, young people can immerse themselves in the reading, the time of a break in the shade of a tree, before hitting the road for vacation.