They can make your pet’s stay paw-fect

While dogs may not value hotel amenities like free WiFi, late check-out, or a top-notch concierge, there’s no reason why they can’t be pampered at a dog daycare in Dublin, Ca, and well taken care of when you’re on vacation.


Leaving your dog at home can be tough, which is why many kennels go above and beyond to make sure your dog has an enjoyable time, maybe even making some friends along the way!


It’s essential, however, to look at a number of factors when you’re choosing a dog daycare Dublin Ca. Below, we run through some of the most important things you should be considering when you’re browsing through places.

Make Sure it’s Clean

You’ve surely had moments where your dog has brought something in the house that should definitely be staying outside. Whether that’s mud, a random stick they found, or even another stray dog friend, they can be dirty beasts.


But, that doesn’t mean a dog daycare in Dublin, Ca, or kennel has to be dirty all the time.


Of course, there will be dog hair everywhere, and it will probably have an interesting smell, but if something is bizarrely dirty, then you should probably steer clear.


Make sure all waste is cleaned up, and the place looks sanitary.

Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Many places around the world can have weather changes that happen in seconds. One minute, it’s that sweet California sunshine shining on your face, and the next, it’s raining buckets outside.


That’s why it’s essential for any kennel you look at to have an indoor and outdoor area. More than just cages, these areas need to be play areas where the dogs can run around freely.


Big dogs need a chance to stretch their legs, and by having multiple play areas, you can give them the chance they need to run around.


Space per Dog

When some think of daycares, they may think of cages stacked on top of cages that have all the animals in close proximity to each other. That should be as far from the truth as possible.


You shouldn’t go in expecting your dog to have their own private room with all the latest features, but they still should have enough room to accommodate their size and activity level.


At the very least, make sure they have enough space to stand up and spin around before laying back down to sleep or rest.

Home Away from Home

Another major topic you should be examining the kennel is if you can bring the dog’s own food or toys. Your furry friend may be on a special diet, or they just aren’t very well-accustomed to change.


In that case, being able to bring their food from home is very important.


The same goes for their other belongings, like favorite toys or their beds. Sights smell and squeaky sounds can help your dog get over their anxiety at being away from you. The more familiar items they have with them, the better they may handle the sudden change.