Which was really the model of The mona lisa ? When the team of the controversial historian Silvano Vinceti gets permission to begin excavations in the ancient church of the convent of Saint Ursula in Florence, in 2011, the operation starts under the watchful eye of the cameras. Excellent communicator and accustomed to television, the chairman of the national Committee for the promotion of historic and cultural heritage of italy, which has already been received in 2010 by identifying “90 %” remnants of the mortal remains of Caravaggio, has prepared its case.

On paper, the story is enticing, less convoluted than the Da Vinci Code of Dan Brown, but just as addictive. According to Vinceti, who relies on a document dated 1542, Lisa Gherardini, the wife of the silk merchant from florence Francesco del Giocondo and the model assumed in the table, the most famous of Leonardo da Vinci, would have been buried in these places where she lived retired from the world, surrounded by her …

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