79-year-old lady with disabilities left without a roof over his head in connection with

a Resident of St. Petersburg Rimma P. was on the street after she first kicked out of the house in Ukraine, and then twice in St. Petersburg. Details announced office of the Commissioner for human rights in the city of Alexander shishlova.

In Soviet times, the woman lived with her husband in Uzbekistan, however in 90-e years, interethnic relations in the country deteriorated and the family had to flee. In Ukraine, they saw that the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Rima became a citizen of Ukraine. Her daughter eventually moved to St. Petersburg, and acquired Russian citizenship.

“In 2015 she asked Rimma to come and help with a small child. The woman agreed. A few weeks after leaving I learned about the sudden death of her husband. His relatives told his wife about the misfortune in the day of the funeral, at the same time told that their home was robbed, and hinted that no one returned to the village not waiting. Rima to go home afraid and decided to stay in St. Petersburg. And five years later was on the street. In March this year, her daughter was fired,” — told the Agency.

In the end, the woman took temporary residence in the Complex center of social service of population of the Admiralty district. The staff explained to her how to apply for citizenship. Attempts reconciliation with his daughter was not crowned with success.

“Three months in the Department of temporary accommodation passed quickly. It was at this period were developed private provision of social services. The invalid of the 2nd group, 79-year-old woman who had nowhere to go, informed that on 3 June, her contract with the Agency ends, and extend it is not possible. The office is closed for aeration, workers move into the collective holiday”, — noted in the office of the Ombudsman.

About the situation rimmy learned social activists and passed the information to the Commissioner. At the request of a transferred pensioner under guardianship in a city crisis center for women. The human rights activist sent a request to the district administration to a similar situation is not repeated. There, in turn, supported the arguments of the Ombudsman.

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