“As of May 20, 85,000 displaced Ukrainians were covered by Ada”, including 45,000 payment cards have been issued to date to families who have left the conflict, said the director general of the administration which pays this allowance.

This is the most reliable indicator for measuring the number of displaced Ukrainians settled in France since the Russian invasion of February 24.

For several weeks, the Ofii, a body under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior, has been delivering these allowances to Ukrainians at the rate of “300 per day”, specified the prefect Leschi.

At the beginning of March, during the first meeting of the interministerial crisis unit (CIC) on Ukraine, France had anticipated the arrival of “50,000, perhaps 100,000 refugees” from this conflict, according to the words of the pilot of the CIC Joseph Zimet.

The latter had then insisted on the need to resize the accommodation capacities to cope with such an influx.

Among the 85,000 people, “8,000 are in housing”, while the others are accommodated in reception structures or through homestay accommodation, said Tuesday the boss of Ofii Didier Leschi.

The allowance for asylum seekers, allocated to Ukrainian refugees even if the latter do not need to apply for asylum (they benefit from the “temporary protection” initiated by Europe), amounts to 6.80 euros per day and for one person.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees identified on Sunday more than 6.5 million displaced people who fled Ukraine, more than half of them in Poland.