Two machine guns, semi-detached, six bombs and a torpedo of 700 kilos. The Fairey Barracuda was a formidable bomber uk of the Second world War. The remains of a copy of 1943 were recovered in the English Channel, to the broad of Portsmouth, reported Wednesday the specialized journal Heritage Daily . “It is a rare discovery, prides itself Euan McNeil, chief archaeologist of the private entity Wessex Archaeology who manages the excavations. And a fantastic opportunity to better understand the technology of war”.

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The discovery of the device holds a random. It was identified last summer by the provider of the uk’s electricity National Grid. The company worked on the construction site of the IFA 2, liaison undersea electrical cable between France and England. “This has required excavation around the plane and sieving the soil to find all the objects, and then the careful gradation of the structure in sections that are easy to extract from the water”, explains the archaeologist Euan McNeil. A first wing has already been out of the water. The operation, careful, will end at the end of the month of June.

The aircraft of the Royal Navy would be gone from the base of Lee-on-the-Solent for a test flight. It crashed a few minutes after his departure, 500 metres from the harbour of Portsmouth. Its driver, identified as sub-lieutenant D. J Williams, survived the crash, as well as to the war, informed the team of the Wessex Archeology. They stressed the fact that now all persons likely to have information on the officer or members of his family, of the contact.

reconstitution of a Barracuda

“The recovery of the Fairey Barracuda will help the Museum of the history of naval aviation in the united kingdom to replenish and this will be the only complete example of this type of aircraft,” says David Morris, the curator of the institution. Product to a little over 2600 copies between 1941 and 1945, the Fairey Barracuda was a 340 km/h en pointe, an engine Rolls-Royce of 1640 horses and 15 meters wide. The weapons of the bomber, who attacked a dive, remains the victory of the building of the German Tirpitz, the largest battleship of the european conflict, sunk in 1944.

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In France this time, off the coast of Saint-Malo, a bomber colours canada has been found in funds of the water by two divers, reports France Blue. The aircraft crashed accidentally during a mission against the Germans in August 1944. Their six occupants died. The two scouts returned to the scene to put up a plaque, a testimony to their recognition.