A boy from Nigeria admired the social network, ballet dance (video)

Users of social networks have conquered the dance of a boy from Nigeria.

the Video, which 11-year-old Anthony Mesoma Madhu dances in the rain in Lagos, scored hundreds of thousands of views and “likes” on Instagram. This video has shared an American actress viola Davis and other Hollywood stars.

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Publication of Leap of Dance Academy (@leapofdanceacademy)

Jun 17, 2020 at 6:32 PDT

the Boy was one of the few Nigerians that are engaged in the ballet. According to him, the majority of our compatriots believe that the ballet “is only for girls”, reports the BBC.

Anthony is one of the 12 disciples of the Academy of ballet in Lagos. It was founded in 2017 autodidact Daniel Ajala Owoseni. While the school has no special room, so the children often train on the street.

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