The seven books written by J. K. Rowling will they end up in the Reserve? To visit this section a secret from the library of Hogwarts, Harry Potter has to put his invisibility cloak in the first volume of the saga. But this story, the children of the school St Edward’s Junior does, there will probably be no. According to the Tennessean , a local newspaper, this catholic school of Nashville (Tennessee) just remove the seven volumes of Harry Potter the shelves of his library.

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“These books present the magic as being both good and bad, this is not true,” said the reverend from the school Dan Reehil to the Tennessean . “The curses and spells used in the book are real spells, which, when they are read by a human being, are likely to invoke the evil spirits within the person reading the text.” In making its decision, the reverend would have consulted several exorcists of the United States and Rome, warned him to withdraw the books.

“The Church has no official position”

Rebecca Hammel, the superintendante schools of the diocese of Nashville, told the local newspaper that Dan Reehil had taken this decision after the request of a parent. She said that the Church has no official position in regard to the books of J. K. Rowling, allowed in other schools of the diocese. “We practice the censorship only to ensure that what we put into the libraries of our schools is appropriate for children,” she explains.

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The saga of J. K. Rowling undergoes censorship on the part of some christian circles since the release of the first volumes. Between 2000 and 2009, the saga was in the first position on the list of books most challenged in the United States, according to the Guardian, which cites the list established by the American Library Association. In 2003, pope Benedict XVI, then cardinal, described these books as “subtle seductions that go unnoticed but distort christianity in the soul before it can grow properly”.

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