Really, the summer has been eventful for Laeticia Hallyday. Undergoing backhand court on the backhand court, since the beginning of the year, the last wife of Johnny also has to contend with the troubles of his father, among other things, accused of assaulting a fisherman in Saint-Martin. Latest twist in the date, and the project of the young widow to build a family vault at Saint-Barth – and so, perhaps, to exhume the body of her illustrious husband – creates quite a stir. Not missing this litany of woes that the intervention this week in the tabloids, the former lyricist for Johnny, well little leads with the mother of Jade and Joy.

In the edition of September 5 of the magazine Gala , Michel Mallory, the companion to Johnny for ten years, author of The music that I love (1973) and which also cooperates with the official look-alike of the rocker, Jean-Baptiste Guegan takes no detour to pin Laeticia and how it is staged, according to him, on the social networks. “I can only be troubled by his widow and his daughters, who, on the Net and elsewhere, to communicate their sadness. For my part, my silence is at the height of my grief”, react.

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The contest “the best friend”

Not a fan of effusions to the public, therefore, the Corsican Michel Mallory has unsurprisingly not appreciated the funeral of Johnny, celebrated with great pomp in the church of the Madeleine in front of 700 people on December 9, 2017. “It was pathetic and indecent” loose, unambiguously, one who assures not to have even not received an invitation card for the ceremony. “I would not have gone anyway. I had no desire to participate in this contest for the best friend, the one who had been present at the last supper… To this ballet of mourners who stood before all to speak of their small people,” he says.

As for what followed, the court battle around the legacy of Johnny Hallyday Michel Mallory laments of such a display. Question of modesty, once again. “Johnny died a second time because of this history, even if he is in part responsible for what happens”. Before resume: “At the same time, disinherit his children… It does not look like the man that I have known.” Again, an attack that is quite clearly directed to the camp of Laeticia…