A court in Belarus rejected the release of Lukashenko's opponents

Protection of the candidate for the post of President of Belarus Victor Babariko are unable to challenge in court his detention, reports TUT.BY.

According to his lawyers Dmitry Raevskogo and Alexander pylchanka has, the Central district court of Minsk rejected the appeal in closed session.

Lawyers plan to appeal the decision at Minsk city court, insisting that in respect of Babariko violated the right to protection. At the time of his arrest was not even allowed lawyers.

Defenders of the presidential candidate for four days can not get the opportunity to visit him in jail, they are denied under the pretext of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Recall that on the morning of 18 June near the village Mocanu on a deserted country road the car Babariko was stopped by a policeman. Until he filed his documents, the car ran over several people, brought from behind the wheel of the car, sat in the back seat of his Tesla and took brought to the state control Committee. The next day, the initiative group has handed over signatures in support of registration as a candidate.

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