A court in Britain rejected the

the Head of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro will not be able to obtain from the Bank of England gold accumulated in the country — decided by the British court.

the Court cited the reasons for refusal: according to the ruling of the Cabinet of the United Kingdom, Maduro, who rigged the elections, not a legitimate leader of the Latin American countries, and “judicial and Executive authorities must adhere to the same position.”

London considers the legitimate President of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido. “Head of state”, who declared themselves as such in early 2019, has already welcomed the court’s decision. According to Guido, quoted by the media, is “a huge victory for the Venezuelan people”.

the value of the stock of precious metals is estimated at $1 billion; the bars would help to Finance the fight against coronavirus infection, hoping the Maduro regime. Caracas has declared readiness to appeal.

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