A court in Moscow has collected from leading Shepeleva 7 million rubles in favor of the parents of Jeanne Friske

Presnensky district court of Moscow ordered the TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, a former civil husband of singer Jeanne Friske, 7 million rubles in favor of her parents, Vladimir and Olga Friske. About it reports Agency “Moscow” with reference to press Secretary of the court Lela Cocau. However, as added in the press service of the court, the claim Shepeleva to parents Friske to recover the money the court rejected. Action Zhanna Friske, which was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, organized in January 2014 on the First channel. At his request, “Rusfond” provided for donations Bank account. Him fans of the singer have listed 69 million rubles of this amount, “Rusfond” moved 11 million rubles for payment of hospital bills of the singer, and another 32.6 million — at the request of the singer went for treatment nine children with cancer from among the waiting list “Rusfond”, the Agency said. After the death of the singer’s relatives refused to return the remaining money according to the contract, and “Respond” in January 2017, appealed to the court. In may this year, the Perovsky district court of Moscow has satisfied the claim of the organization to refund. Since the money in the account by the heirs was not, the penalty was paid on property inherited by relatives after the death of the singer. The first part of the debt (7,9 million roubles) “Rusfond” received in may 2019. In August 2019, “Rusfond” reported that he had received on account of the organization of another part of the debt, namely 13.6 million rubles, and direct means for treatment of five children with malignant tumors.

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