A criminal case on the rights to Nginx stopped

a Criminal case on the rights to the software (SW) Nginx, created by the staff of the Rambler, was dismissed for lack of evidence of a crime”. The decision was made by the investigators of the Moscow police, said the response of the Investigative Department of the MIA of the Russian Federation at the request of the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Sysoev.

As reported “Interfax”, the decision was made based on the results of the investigation and given the evidence collected. The validity of this solution checks the Prosecutor’s office.

we will Remind, on December 12, 2019 in the Moscow office of Nginx were searched in the case of copyright infringement. In Rambler Group believe that all rights belong to Rambler Nginx as the web server it was created by a former employee Igor Sysoev.

on December 16, the Board of Directors of Rambler at a special meeting instructed to initiate the termination of the criminal case against Nginx. Company management was instructed to contact the Russian authorities to terminate a criminal case. You should also introduce the founders of the company Ngnix and representatives of the company F5 with some evidence a possible violation of the rights of the Rambler. The human resources Committee of the Board of Directors trebuetsja to consider the actions of officials Rambler in cooperation with the Board of Directors on the situation of Nginx.

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