This is an exceptional discovery, according to archaeologists. A roman house, a small fort and a terrace of weapons have been made by twenty-five archaeology students working on the site of 650m2 since 3 June. This military quarter dating from the first century is located on the heights of the Fourvière hill, next to the ramparts of the ancient Lugdunum. Nearly three hundred objects of daily life, and a hundred pieces of weapons have been found in this district, theater of the clash of the legions of the emperor Septimius Severus and of the usurper Clodius Albinius, in 197.

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“This is outstanding for us,” says Lyon Mag Benjamin Clement, the head of research. “We search a scene of a battle field with all the vestiges of the battles that have taken place in urban areas with arrowheads, items of artillery, spears, elements, equipment, fallen during combat, and then even the head of a legionnaire beheaded.” These findings will verify the information known up to the present through the texts describing this battle.

traces the life of soldiers outside battle also appear. The archaeologists have put their hands on objects used for the toilet as the cure-ears and tweezers, or for recreation such as dice and tokens. Most of these finds were entrusted to the Centre for restoration and archaeological studies municipal (CREAM, Vienna), a specialist in the restoration of archaeological objects.

The researchers until the end of the week to clear away the last vestiges before the closure of the site, which will reopen next year. In the meantime, they fouilleront the rest of the park, which could last another five years.