A doctor from Novosibirsk hospital told how she has become a hotbed of kovida

city hospital in Iskitim (Novosibirsk region) has become a source of infection with a coronavirus due to the fact that the Department of pulmonology at the outset of the epidemic has not been redeveloped. It was not organized box chambers and “red” zones, which began to hurt workers, says “Taiga.info” with reference to the story of the local doctor.

He said that from the beginning of the epidemic the city library accepts patients with coronavirus infection, but without the protection and appropriate re-profiling exercise. According to him, the Department of pulmonology of Iskitimskiy Central hospital began to take patients with non-bacterial pneumonia from across the County is Berdsk, Maslyanino, Cherepanovo, Suzun, Linevo and Iskitim.

the Doctor noted that patients received a lot, and gradually the Department of pulmonology has become a so-called kovideo Department, but without the protection of patients from coronavirus infection. However, the office is not the specific drugs and the necessary protection, which began to get sick staff and their relatives. “Soon no one will work. Polubolnogo people, but with a sense of responsibility and duty, go to the end to work for half day shifts,” — said one of the officers.

According to him, the sanitary inspection, which transmits patients in the Department of respiratory medicine, shared with the therapy Department, which is located on the first floor. “And now ill go through one more room. And coronavirus, which has not yet been confirmed, but they have written on my forehead that coronavirus, and coronavirus. Patients come with fever, they are heavy, they can’t deny care, but they don’t have this first analysis, confirming kovid, and the second is not. And this mixing occurs already at the initial stage,” he said.

“If the patient confirms kovid, he was transferred to coveny hospital, but confirmation need to wait sometimes for two weeks, and these people infect all around. Curing of these thirty-kovenig patients in the office can infect dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of inhabitants of Iskitim. This is a catastrophic situation,” admitted the doctor.

According to him, in pulmonology in Iskitim now protection, only masks. “When patients are diagnosed, there comes the team, wearing suits, masks-respirators, and staff in pulmonology goes almost without protection long enough, two months already it continues,” he said.

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