It is far from being out of the woods. On Thursday, prosecutors of the city of Chicago have retained no less than 11 new counts of sex crimes against superstar R&B R. Kelly. Relating to 21, according to the statements of the american press, the number of counts of which the singer will have to defend at a first hearing scheduled for 6 June. The lawyer of the singer, Steve Greenberg, tried to minimize this bouncing by explaining that these new charges do not relate to a new case.

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R. Kelly has been re-indicted in a case that already exists with the same alleged victim, and at the same time (a decade ago),” tweeted Thursday, Steve Greenberg, concluding that it “never changed nothing”. If no detail has been officially specified, the Chicago Tribune reveals that R. Kelly will appear including for sexual assault serious criminal – a crime of class X, the most severe in Illinois – and it is liable on that ground alone, between six and thirty years in prison.

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R. Kelly has already been convicted this year of 10 counts of sexual abuse with aggravating circumstances in its home city, Chicago. These charges are related to assault on four alleged victims between 1998 and 2010. Three of those charges involve sexual abuse on a victim aged between 13 and 16 years old, at the time of the facts, in 2010.

If the identity of the victim is not clearly established, the reporter from the Chicago Tribune , Megan Crepeau, think that it is a woman identified as “J. P.”, already at the heart of one of the charges brought last winter. Contacted by AFP, the services of the attorney of Cook county, where Chicago, have not reacted in the immediate future.