members of the family of Aylan Kurdi, including the photo of the lifeless body became the symbol of tragedy of the crisis on migration in Europe in 2015, have considered it “unacceptable” that a film is shot without their agreement. “My heart is broken (…) This is unacceptable”, said public broadcaster CBC the aunt of the young boy, Tima Kurdi, who lives in Port Coquitlam, near Vancouver in western Canada.

The child’s body had been found on a beach in Turkey. Several members of his family (his brother Galip, 5 years old at the time, and their mother, Elizabeth, 35 years old) had also lost the life, trying to get on a Greek island.

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The photograph of the child lying on the belly had caused a very strong emotion in Europe, and pushed the european Union to open for a time its borders to syrian refugees.

In its statements made public by the string, Tima Kurdi added that no one had asked the family permission and that she had learned of the existence of the film by the father of the young boy, Abdullah Kurdi, who lives in Iraq. Her family, she is buried in Kobané, a city in kurdish syria. “He called me. He was in tears. He told me that he could not imagine that her son’s death, revive” in a film, said Tima Kurdi.

Steven Seagal to the cast

The film titled Aylan Baby: Sea of Death , and in which must be played by the american actor Steven Seagal, is being shot in Turkey, says CBC. Its director, Turkish Omer Sarikaya has posted photos of the movie poster on social networks.

According to the aunt of the boy, the author of a book on his nephew, The Boy on the Beach (the boy on the beach), the family has refused many offers to shoot a movie. The developer has stated to CBC that the subject of his film, though-like the history of the family, Kurdi, dealt primarily with the refugee crisis as a whole. “This will be Aylan Baby, not Aylan Kurdi”, he said adding that he could not change the title of the movie now.