After the great Good Omens series, based on the novel written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, a new adaptation of a work would be in preparation. Intended for the big screen and in the form of an animated film, The amazing Maurice and his rodents scholars should be distributed in the cinema in 2022. This novel by Pratchett, included in his most famous series of books, The Annals of the Disc World , had won the Medal Carnegie in 2001, an award british awarded each year to the best book for children or young adults.

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The story is inspired by the tale of the Player of flute of Hamelin : the legend says that a flute player expelled due to his talents as a musician, all the rats that infested the city. But, hunted by the people instead of being rewarded as promised, he came back one evening to be enchanted this time the children with the melody of his flute, before disappearing with them forever. In the version of Terry Pratchett, rats are scholars and conducted by the cat Maurice, particularly instructed him also. Accompanied by the musician Keith, Maurice develops a scheme to rip off the inhabitants of several villages into believing an infection of rats in which the young flute-player is the only remedy. However, when they arrive at the city of Bad Igoince, things go sour.

Stay true to Pratchett

According to Variety , the project has been in development for years and the production team is now looking to raise the final funds to begin operations. Rob Wilkins, managing director of Narrativia, a production company Pratchett, was at the side of the writer, on the night when the idea for this story came to him.

“Terry seemed to be absorbed by the table, so I finished my beer, and I’ve started another,” he says. Both were at the bar of the Palace Hotel of San Francisco, which is exposed to the canvas of the J oueur flute by Maxfield Parrish. “By the time my beer arrived, Terry had finished developing the plot of the Fabulous Maurice, and I told them everything like a mini-movie.” “Give life to this story really mattered to Terry, and it frustrates me to know that he will never have the opportunity to see the final result,” he added, before insisting on the honor that it represents for all the teams of the film.

The rights of this twenty-eighth novel in the series of the discworld have been acquired by Ulysses Filmproduktion, is a German company, who is in charge of its realization with Cantilever Media, an agency in ireland. The screenwriter, american Terry Rossio ( Shrek , Aladdin , Pirates of the Caribbean ) has already written the script for the animated film. Carter Goodrich ( Ratatouille , Rebel ) has been recruited to look after the design of the characters. Toby Genkel will be in charge of the realization. The budget is expected to amount to 15 million euros.

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who Died in 2015, Terry Pratchett was named the second favorite author of the English just after J. K. Rowling, creator of the vast universe of Harry Potter . He had also been knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2008 for his work as a whole.