The mysterious author to worldwide success, is about to release a new novel. After the tetralogy, The Girlfriend prodigious , of which the last volume The Child lost is released in 2018, Elena Ferrante (the name is a pseudonym) via its editor announced the publication, first in Italy, of a new novel on November 7th.

“We are pleased to announce that the new novel of Elena Ferrante will be in bookstores on November 7, 2019”, has announced Edizioni E/O.

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If the title and the plot in general of the work have not yet been released, the public will not be disappointed since the action will take place, once again, to Naples. No information has been revealed about it, but one can imagine that a French version is in the works. In addition to the Channel on the other hand, the project is already under way. Europa Editions has published on his Twitter account a preview of the book in English.

“Two years before leaving the house, my father said to my mother that I was very ugly. The sentence was pronounced slowly, in a sigh, in the apartment that my parents, young married couples, had purchased to Rione Alto, on the summit of Saint-Jacques of Capri. All the places of Naples, the blue light of a cold February, these words remained engraved. — But, I ran away and I ran still, inside of these lines who want to give me a story, when in reality, they are nothing, say nothing to me, nothing has started and nothing is completed…”.

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The mystery Ferrante

The saga of Elena Ferrante has become a true phenomenon in Italy and around the world, selling several million copies since the release of The Girlfriend Prodigious , the first book, in 2011. In 2018, HBO has even co-produced and broadcast an adaptation in eight episodes of the novels on friendship and turbulent between two young Neapolitan.

However, the screenplay remains extremely secret. Nobody knows neither his name, nor his face. Not a filmed interview, or even radio: the rare interviews that she accepts are only written on paper. The only information the press has been able to glean about it are quite scarce. It seems that this is a woman, she had children and that there is a part of autobiography in his novels. A discretion which has without doubt contributed to its success and that the players respect.