Same hair long and wavy, the same silhouette filiform, same look of rocker and androgynous. The producer Lounge Pictures has released last week a first image of the film Stardust , dedicated to David Bowie. It is the lead actor Johnny Flynn, who will play the singer. And force is to note that it looks exactly like the interpreter to Space Oddity in his younger years.

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I understand that a lot of you do not like the upcoming biopic Stardust. With that being said, don’t attack @johnnyflynnmusic for doing his job as a actor. I completely understand that the family and the fans do not like that the biopic will be released, but don’t go on the man’s ig account and attack him for doing his damn job! David gold, his family would not want anyone including the fanbase attacking this man… Boycott and post your opinions about the movie but don’t cyberbully Johnny that’s all I’m saying.

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Intended for current, 2020 and produced by Paul Van Carter, the film will be directed by Gabriel Range ( the Death of The president ) and was written by Christopher Bell ( the Last of The tsars ). Johnny Flynn ( Jersey Affair ) will lend his features to the world star. The feature film will not return to the life of the singer, but only on the beginning of the 1970s, his road trip in the United States, a time where he met big names such as Lou Reed or Iggy Pop. But also, and especially, on the creation of the fictitious character of Ziggy Stardust on the occasion of the release of the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars , in 1972.

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“A biopic without the music of the artist nor the permission of his family,”

The project unfortunately suffers from a defect that the risk of screaming fans. No music of David Bowie will not be used in the soundtrack. Duncan Jones, the son of the artist and holder of his rights, is not favorable to the project: therefore, it has not given permission to the film to serve as the repertoire of his father. Doubting the quality of the film, the scion of Bowie is pleased to land on Twitter: “if the public wants to see a biopic without the music of the artist nor the permission of his family, free to him”.

Lack of titles that have made the success of Bowie, the songs used will be, therefore, taken over by the artist of songs of the time. Not sure that this is enough to fill fans of the pop icon. A hashtag #BoycottStardust has seen the light of day on Twitter. The producers of their side is defending, explaining in a press release reported by Variety that the project is not a biopic. It “is at a turning point in David’s life that is not dependent on the music of Bowie, like Nowhere Boy to John Lennon”.