An archaeological mission announced on Monday have located the site of an ancient philistine city, is likely to Ziklag, mentioned in the biblical story of king David, when he was pursued by king Saul.

This city was dominated by a king philistine who ruled in the neighboring city of Gath, and after that the ancient “sea peoples” arrived in the region in the Twelfth century before J. C, indicated the researchers of the authority, israeli antiquities of the Hebrew university of Jerusalem and from Macquarie university in Sydney, Australia.

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According to a biblical tale, king David reigned in Ziklag before being inducted into Hebron, to the death of Saul. The location of the city was the object of scientific controversies, 12 locations as possible that have been identified in the south of Israel. No trace sufficient of the occupation of philistine, and jewish had, however, been found until now, which would have allowed the city to be identified in the biblical narrative, indicates the antiquities Authority in a statement.

ceramic pottery, dating from the time of king David

archaeologists say they have found traces of occupation dating from the era of the philistine below those dating back to the time of the kingdom of David. These discoveries have led them to estimate that it is of Ziklag. The site, Khirbet al-Rai, is located near Kiryat Gat, in central Israel. The team of researchers found items typical of the civilization philistine, as well as pottery dating from the time of king David.

The Philistines arrived in the region in the Twelfth century bc J.-C., DNA tests on their bones to have recently revealed that they came from the south of Europe. They dominated the territory now in the center and south of Israel, and the Gaza strip and were a dreaded enemy of the kingdoms of the jews.

In the biblical story, pursued by Saul who tries to kill him, David found refuge in Ziklag, crossing the borders of the kingdom of Israel to join the coastal zone under the rule of the Philistines. As shown in the first book of Samuel, when Saul learns that David is in the philistine city of Gat, “he ceased to continue”. David then asked for – and received – the city of Ziklag, which remained the property of the kings of Judea, according to the Bible.