A former journalist, Khabarovsk TV channel

a Former journalist, Khabarovsk TV channel “Province”, explained why the air is not there is information about main city events of recent weeks. Local residents severely criticized the TV station and often, when the March passes by the editorial house, the participants are chanting: “Shame.”

As reported by a former correspondent of the TV channel Alexander Teplyakov in an interview with blogger Alexander Kim, the journalists of “Province” took a three-minute story on Saturday’s protest, but it aired. Clip published on the YouTube channel “Province”, but then deleted.

“When employees came in on Monday to work, leadership received such information, what if we put it in the air, all 200 people who are currently employed in the “Province” will go out because this will be our last live” — said Teplyakov.

At the same time, her departure from the channel was not a gesture of protest, the journalist noted.