The trip too. A French of indian origin has been arrested by the authorities from Chennai to his arrival at the airport. She and her husband are accused of being for several years at the head of a large trafficking of antiquities stolen from the temples of the State of Tamil Nadu, in the south-east of India.

According to the media information indian The Hindu, the couple were provided with small thieves of the street, was storing items in his house in Pondicherry and then send them to France by ship from the port of Colombo. In 2016 already, a search conducted at their home of india had allowed the police to put the hand on the eleven idols, antique bronze, worth several million rupees – a million rupees equivalent to approximately 12.500 euros.

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The traffickers had entrusted the keys of the apartment to a man of confidence in charge to show the goods to prospective buyers. One of them, suspecting the origin of the artifacts was in rush to save a video with his mobile phone and to bring the evidence to the police.

Some antiques cannot be found

Strong of this breakthrough, the security forces had also discovered that the two traffickers were given certificates issued by the authorities, thereby facilitating the transport of what they were as of “the craft” abroad without arousing suspicion. After having recovered the goods, the department attached to the idols, has launched a circular surveillance against him. However, justice had not been able to deepen its investigation at the time since the spouses were resident in France and had decided not to return to India.

Marie Thérèse Anandi Vanina, the woman supposedly at the head of the network, has been presented before the court of first instance on Tuesday, before to be placed in provisional detention at Tiruchi. The department has requested that it remains imprisoned in order to interrogate him on the location of the other antiquities stolen.