A gastroenterologist told me about a simple way to escape from any poisoning

the Doctor-gastroenterologist Alex Golovenko taught the Russians to prepare a simple solution that can help with any poisoning.

Specialist in the air show “About the main thing” reminded that in the warm season, the risk of poisoning unwashed vegetables, fruit or products with expired shelf life grows. Poisoning, the doctor added, can cause enterobiasis salmonellosis or botulism.

to help the patient with poisoning, can make diabetes solution: six teaspoons of sugar without the “roller coaster” and half a teaspoon of salt per liter of water. Solution Golovenko called the method “saves lives in case of any food poisoning, especially in children.”

According to him, two hours need to drink two liters of solution. In serious cases, the physician advises to call the doctor.

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