A girl easy by Rebecca Zlotowski, which portrays the ex-escort Zahia Dehar for her film debut, and Alice and the mayor of Nicolas Pariser has been presented with an award Thursday at the director’s Fortnight of the Cannes film Festival.

The first received the SACD award (Société des auteurs compositeurs dramatiques) and the second is the prize for the best european film award from Europa Cinema Label. A girl easy follows two cousins, one summer in Cannes: the liberated Sofia (Zahia Dehar), who sleeps with wealthy men and offered gifts, and Naima (Mina Farid) is the youngest, fascinated by the world of luxury and desire that she discovers.

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The former escort girl had agreed, despite her notoriety on the occasion of the scandal involving players of the team of France who had used his services when she was a child.”I rather of sympathy for the women victims of the quarry public”, used to say, a few days ago to the AFP, Rebecca Zlotowski about his actress.

“To be a feminist you do not need to show women astronauts or neuro-chirugiennes. I have the pleasure to show women in the cliché of the over-femininity”, added the director, a member of the collective 50/50 at the origin of the rise of the steps 100% female last year in Cannes, in the wake of the case of Weinstein and the wave #MeToo.

Associate professor in French language and literature, this graduate of the Femis sees his film as a dialogue with “The collector” by Eric Rohmer. “A girl easy, this is not a pejorative, it is a woman who revels in her sexuality to be the equal of a man. It is rare to see a woman like Sophia celebrated like this”, said for his part Zahia Dehar.

An accessit for Him

Alice and the mayor tells the story of a mayor of Lyon, france (Fabrice Luchini) aging, which brings with him a young woman (Anaïs Demoustier) that he will support him to find new ideas to bounce back politically. “I am not at all inspired by Gérard Collomb and the political life of lyon, of which I know everything”, assured the filmmaker Nicolas Pariser in the journal The French movie , deploring the fact that the city of Lyon has put a spoke in the wheel.

“We had to turn the town hall, we had even done reconnaissance technical enough to be pushed in but at the last moment, the city hall no longer wanted to work with us, as if, suddenly, she had become afraid”, told he, deploring the fact that the municipal opposition has “exploited the case with a lot of energy and some success in the local press”.

twenty feature films were presented within the framework of the Fortnight, for the first edition under the leadership of the Italian Paolo Moretti. This vintage, wonder, will there be in the shelves?

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