Your kitchen is that one space in your home where the magic happens. From trying new recipes to filling your stomachs! Naturally, your kitchen’s interior design will influence how your work in the kitchen goes.


For example, placing the juicer in the top cabinets that you access with the help of a stool or a ladder is impractical when you use it regularly. Your kitchen’s interior design might begin with picking the wall colors, but it certainly does not end there! Here is an exclusive guide for designing your kitchen’s interiors!


1.  Your Kitchen Work Triangle

Aren’t rooms generally rectangular or squared in shape, you may ask? Well, we are referring to the work triangle and not the shape of your kitchen in this case! However, you might still be confused. In simple words, a kitchen work triangle encompasses a fridge, a stove, and the sink.


While you design and plan your kitchen layout, ensure that you have factored in how these three major components interact with each other because most of the work is accomplished with the help of these trio!

2.  Your Kitchen Interior Design Budget

No work can begin before you have estimated all the costs involved in getting it done. Too much can be a waste of resources, while too little might mean compromising the interior’s quality.


Therefore, it is best to sit down and consider the amount of money you are ready to invest in getting your kitchen’s interior design. This way, you can prioritize what you need and don’t. The key here is to strike a balance between your requirements and the money being invested in modeling your dream kitchen! This is why get this done before you begin your further planning.

3.  Prioritize Safety

The kitchen perhaps houses some of the most dangerous things in your home. From sharp knives to volatile fuels, it guards them all. To ensure that these components are guarded properly, invest time in your kitchen’s safety. Prioritize kitchen safety over everything!


From ensuring that there are no faults in the gas pipe lining to ensuring that the hardware materials used in construction are durable and of the finest quality, you need to check them all! We recommend you choose a company that purchases its hardware material from because of its credibility in the market.


4.  The Counter Height

This goes without saying that you need to maintain that ratio between your height and the counter height. Too low counters equal bending the entire time you work in your kitchen, which strains your back, while too high counters might strain your hands and shoulders. If you want to avoid these perils, do your counter height research!

5.  Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen and ventilation should go hand in hand. Nothing is better than loads of natural lighting streaming into your kitchen through the windows and doors. This covers most part of the lighting during the day. However, what do we do when the sun sets?

Here is the trick! The lighting equipment in your kitchen can make or break the aesthetics. Spotlights can illuminate all the countertops and provide better visibility, while pendant lights can accentuate the architectural beauty of your kitchen and captivate your eyes!

If you love the blend of rustic and modern, install modern chandeliers that not only illuminate the kitchen but also enhance the aesthetics. Lastly, you can also go with strip lights that provide soft lighting in every kitchen corner! These days, there are myriads of LED lights that are energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. In a nutshell, your options are limitless!


6.  Kitchen Furniture

The first part of your kitchen furniture entails an appliances garage. This is an assembly of cabinets and shelves that can house all your kitchen appliances, such as a mixer grinder, a juicer, blenders, etc.

You can either go with the pull-out models or choose the drawers system according to your convenience. With all your appliances being neatly tucked away into these cabinets, you can save space on your countertops. With this additional space, you can let your creative cooking skills bloom!

The family size also helps determine the kitchen furniture. For example, if you have a small family, you can go with those drop-down dining tables. Keekea dining chair manufacturers offer an extensive range of dining chairs that can complement the final outlook of your kitchen!

7.  Color Palette

We did not forget this pointer! Tune the colors of your cabinets, shelves, and walls so that your kitchen looks soothing and energetic.

Do not pick all light colors because they need heavy maintenance. After listening to this, you might be tempted to pick all darker hues, but again these shades are great heat absorbers, especially in summers. Factor in all these points before you pick the color palette of your ideal kitchen! Colors can influence your emotions, so choose wisely!