A lady in a wheelchair was not allowed in night club

the Lady Alina, wheelchair-bound, was not allowed into a nightclub for a friend’s birthday. The details told in the press service of the Commissioner for human rights Alexander Shishlov.

the Incident occurred before the pandemic, when in the city was opened.

“a Guest arrived at the appointed time, but the feast was not hit. “Sorry, we can’t let you,” said the girl at the entrance. When she began to find out the cause, it was a Manager, and explained: “unfortunately, our club is not fit for safe recreation women like you”, and asked to leave the school”, — the report of the Ombudsman.

the Lady first encountered denial of service, but did not argue so as not to spoil the birthday friend. Alina found an indication on the club’s website that the administration may refuse a guest “in the case of items with a visitor here or directly on his body, such as wheelchairs, canes, crutches, apparatus Elizarova and (or) plaster bandage”.

She found the wording offensive, and therefore turned to the Ombudsman, who together with the Prosecutor’s office carried out an inspection.

“the club Administration has explained to the supervisors that the point of the rules on the need to harmonize visits disabled citizens exists solely for the safety of the guest features. If the visitor will be informed about his visit, he will prepare a place where he will be comfortable, and where he will have access to the exit in event of evacuation.

As told to prosecutors, the leaders of the club, but refused to visit, and offered to wait until the most appropriate place for it, and the decision to leave the party, she took herself”, — told the Agency.

violations of the Prosecutor’s office found. However, the management issued a warning about the inadmissibility narucania of the disability act.

“Maybe the administration really wanted to protect guests from injury. But we should find another way of excluding the infringement of human rights with special health. The terms of the entertainment must be the same for all, — said Shishlov. I hope that by the time of the removal of restrictions, the administration will heed the warning of the Prosecutor’s office and will change the attitude to the guests with reduced mobility”.

“Rosbalt” presents the project “All inclusive!”, designed to show that disability is a problem that concerns each of us. And moral state of society is determined by how it relates to people with developmental disabilities.

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