It pinches, grabs, caresses, touches, striking them. On the keys by the hands of Paul Staïcu tangle at any speed. A camera filmed from the top. The piano is its grammar naturally. It adds words, and a few jokes, to make a story. In this case, his own. To him, the child of Romania, that works its ranges in the high school of music of Bucharest. No playground at the “Ceauseschool”. All is not rosy on this side of the block. The little pianist listening to the classic to the official radio and discovered jazz, hidden under the duvet, by hacking the u.s. radio.

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As there are fantasy, detachment, lightness in Paul Staïcu, happy man in three-piece suit. Each story, each emotion is punctuated with a sprinkling of notes. With his father, he managed to flee from Romania three months before the fall of the Wall. Towards Germany, and then the piano bars in paris. Is looking in its lines. He knows everything, is all. Of the Debussy, the foxtrot, the air of The snow Queen (that does the enchants not, obviously), rap…

archival images are projected. We see the boulevards sad to Bucharest that he dresses in a military march. Before you play guitar and bass on a keyboard as it shown on top of his piano. More than a lesson, this teacher at the conservatory will not cease, until the bedroom curtain, to give envy to the public to launch themselves in the music. Or, rather, resume an instrument. Because as he said very well, we are 68 % to have abandoned. That was his only sorrow.

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