Here is what the French really read. The leading trio is composed of Guillaume Musso, far, very far in front, followed by Michel Bussi and Joël Dicker. Our investigation for the perpetrators of the French language was carried out during all the year 2018, in collaboration with the institute GfK, which provided the data collected from more than 5,000 points of sale in France. It does not take into account that the actual sales (the “out of cash”, so the books actually purchased by readers) and non-prints provided by the publishing houses. The winners of the Figaro with GfK is the only ranking that takes into account both sales in large format (the new stuff), and of the pocket edition. This is an actual photograph, natural size.

This list calls for several comments. First, these first ten represent a considerable weight: about a quarter of the fiction in French! The authors of best-sellers don’t know the crisis: they will always sell more, …

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