– Amerie Jo Garza, the big sister –

Amerie Jo Garza, a little girl with a bright smile, had just celebrated her tenth birthday in mid-May.

For long hours on Tuesday, her father Angel Garza had no news of his daughter.

“I’m not asking for much and posting next to nothing here but it’s been seven hours and I still haven’t heard from my darling,” he wrote in a Facebook post, along with a photo of him hugging her daughter sitting on her lap with a pink dress.

A few hours later, new Facebook post.

“Thank you all for your prayers and for helping me find my baby,” he posted. “My darling now flies with the angels.”

“I love you Amerie Jo,” he wrote. “Watch over your little brother for me.”

– Ellie Garcia, “a treasure” –

“Our Ellie was a treasure,” said her father Steven Garcia on Facebook. “She was the happiest of us all.”

“I was going to DJ on her birthday like she asked me!!!”, he assures in a publication. “Mom and dad love you, never forget it, and please try to stay by our side,” he wrote again.

Her mother Jennifer Lugo has also posted many pictures of her daughter on social networks. “I am heartbroken,” she wrote, alongside a photo of Ellie, a white bow in her hair, a big smile on her lips at her first communion last year. “I miss you my baby!!!!”, she confides.

– Eva Mireles, teacher –

Eva Mireles, in her forties, is one of two teachers killed on Tuesday by an 18-year-old gunman. In the world of education for 17 years, she loved “running, hiking”, according to her short biography published on the site of her elementary school.

“And maybe you’ll see me riding my bike soon!!”, she said.

Eva Mireles was married, she had a daughter and three pets.

– Xavier Lopez, the dancer –

Xavier Lopez, 10, “loved to dance,” his uncle Benito Martinez told Fox News on Tuesday evening.

“Imagine! He was even dancing full of sweat, he didn’t care,” he said of the little boy with dark hair.

“Last Sunday, he was at my daughter’s birthday,” he said again. “And he was dancing.”