This cannot work all the time. There was enough accustomed to see in the Opera-Comique, the most dynamic of rooms lyriques in paris, with the best consistency in the quality, to honestly recognize that the spectacle of the beginning of summer is a notch below. Would that the work. A tribute to the Eighteenth, Madame Favart showcases the inventor of the genre, the playwright Charles-
Simon Favart and his wife, the great actress Justine Favart. Suffice to say that it had its natural place Salle Favart. Except that this is not the best Offenbach. The room has revived the composer, who knew crossing the desert after the franco-German war, and it marks his return to the genre comedy which it was diverted. But it applies to revenue and not invent more. As for the booklet, it is weak and the dialogues are too long.

” READ ALSO – Madame Favart of Offenbach and Iphigénie en Tauride of Gluck, at dusk

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