A man whose son was beaten with a stick of red eagle were Dagestani Deputy

The Deputy of the village Council of the Dagestani village of Eggs suspected of illegal hunting and the involvement of minors in the crime, the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan. Earlier, the police checked a video in which the father and the son with the lure caught in the trap of the steppe eagle listed in the Red book. The man beats the bird with a stick on the head, then the child strikes again. According to the man, the video was filmed about a month ago. “We have for weeks lost about 20-30 chickens, we set a trap and thought a marten or something. Then the child a few days later said he was some kind of bird. Saw an eagle,” — said the suspect. He assured that the intent to kill or harm the bird was not. Meanwhile, as the press service of the Ministry, the suspect was a member of the district Assembly Ikra district of Dagestan. Moreover, the episode with the rare eagle was not isolated, and the number of birds also has a few dozen. The materials collected by the police, handed over to the Investigation Committee. The interior Ministry cannot initiate proceedings against the Deputy because it is recognized by sparsomycin.

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