A member of the electoral Commission in Novosibirsk urged colleagues not to work for voting on amendments to the Constitution

the member of the precinct election Commission No. 1937 from Novosibirsk Ekaterina Shlykova recorded a video message to colleagues in the election commissions with an appeal to refuse to work to vote on amendments to the Constitution. The girl called the voting illegal and a health hazard.

“I made the decision to refuse participation in voting on amendments to the Constitution and signed an open letter to the PEC members. I took this decision because I believe that this vote is pointless. The amendments have been adopted and entered into force. They were adopted by both chambers of our Parliament and legislative bodies of the Federation and signed by the President,” — said the activist.

Catherine Slukova reminded that in the conditions of universal suffrage, there is a risk of Contracting coronavirus.
“this vote is a real crime against the people. A huge number of PEC members will be in grave danger, sick and may die,” — said the member of the electoral Commission.

Catherine Shlykov urged other workers of the election commissions to think about health and to refuse to participate in the “unconstitutional procedure.”

Previously, more than four hundred members of district election commissions (PECs) with the right to vote have signed an open letter urging colleagues not to work for voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. They recalled that the contacts of Commission members with thousands of people at the polling stations threatening infection of the coronavirus, which could be fatal for the elderly.

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