Iran, France, germany, Hungary, Indonesia… filmmakers from around the world participated in the 14th edition of the Mobile Film Festival. Just be armed with a mobile phone and film a very short film of a minute. Created under the auspices of the High Commissioner of the united Nations, the festival has asked applicants to stage a threat to the rights of man, whatever it is. On Tuesday, he unveiled the list of the nine winners.

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The numbers are exciting: 715 films from 81 countries, on which 51 films have been selected. They have already been viewed nearly twenty million times on Youtube. Founded in 2005, the festival is the result of a partnership between the united Nations, the Youtube Creators for Change, a platform designed to bring the projects of the videographers that work for the well-being and solidarity, and the european Union.

This year, the jury of the Mobile Film Festival was composed of the american actress, Amber Heard and the journalist Audrey Pulvar. Mary Robinson, the former head of the irish State, the presiding. Grand prix, International, Europe and France are endowed with 20,000 euros, with those in the scenario and the staging, 3,000 euros.

list of Winners of the 14th edition of the Mobile Film Festival:

● Grand International award: Annisa of Barry Putra (Indonesia)

Two muslim female students are in love to one another. Discovery, their romance is stifled by the family.

● Grand prix Europe: Cycle of Bàlint Klopfstein-László (Hungary)

A student is prevented from providing that which is more elementary because it does not have enough money.

● Grand prix France: I don’t have fear of Gohu & Merick

A child splashing about in his bath tells the path of a migrant from Africa to Europe.

● best screenplay: Maiden of Fatemeh Saeedi and Saeed Aghakhani (Iran)

The wedding about to be celebrated but are abruptly interrupted because the bride has crumbled. The spouses share in his research.

● Award for the best director: Hush of Hamidzak (Iran)

Siri, the wizard voice of the iPhone, contacts emergency police. The owner of the phone appears to be in danger. The forces of order and ask Siri to turn on the camera to see what happens.

● tip: I was 9 years old of Mattéo Dugast (France)

Excised when she was a child, a woman bears witness to this violence become unbearable.

● best actress: Vanilla Bars in Tomorrow maybe of Nicolas Khamsopha (France)

A young woman in front of her mirror hesitates no longer knows how to dress to go out, terrified at the idea of being assaulted or harassed in the street.

● male interpretation Award: Mira in Mira Studio Argonaute

The route of a migrant who came from far away, his arrival in France made of disappointments and discoveries.

● Price to the public: Silence is deadly Brice Veneziano (France)

An outstretched arm: the fight for the respect of the minority homosexual in Chechnya.