And if Boris Johnson was more “continental” than he dares to admit it today? A mummy was identified last year as being the ancestor of the new british prime minister and strong supporter of Brexit: it is a Basel-born in Strasbourg, at the beginning of the Eighteenth century. Her name was Anne-Catherine Bischoff. France 3 reports that two survey years were necessary for the team to Albert Zink, director of the Institute for research on the mummies, to reveal the identity of the corpse.

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The mummy was very well preserved, has been discovered in 1843 in the church of the Cordeliers of Basel, and then exhumed in 1975. Its state of conservation is due to the nature of his death, which occurred at the age of 67, due to a mercury poisoning. She was suffering from syphilis ; the metal was then called, wrongly, to treat the infection. After a study of the archives, including parish records, DNA analysis has allowed to affirm with certainty his / her identity. Geneticists have then compiled his family tree.

Boris Johnson, a descendant of the printer of Erasmus

the Daughter of a pastor, born in 1719 in Strasbourg but basel original, Anne-Catherine Bischoff has obviously spent most of his life in Alsace. Her husband, minister of protestant worship as well as his father, is officiated. The grandmother of Boris Johnson came back to live in Basel in 1782, where she died five years later. One of their daughters was married with the baron Pfeffel von Kriegelstein, from an old strasbourg family of diplomats. 20 Minutes also reports that the family Bischoff was a descendant of Johann Froben, the publisher of Erasmus, one of the most prominent humanist philosophers of the Sixteenth century.

The roots of the british prime minister Boris Johnson, his real name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, plunge at once in England, Germany, France and Turkey. His great-grand-father was a journalist who was ottoman and was also the ultimate minister of the interior of the last sultan Mehmed VI. His great-grand-mother, she was the illegitimate daughter of prince Paul Charles of Württemberg. By this branch, Boris Johnson descends from king George II and is related to most european royal families. Who knows if the future prime minister, known for his word very uninhibited, has not touched a word to the queen Elizabeth II, who received it on Wednesday… “Your Majesty, dear cousin.”

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