This is never a good sign when, out of a show, the first question that arises is: “what’s the good?” Oh, this is not that there is anything dishonourable in the Don Giovanni to the poster of the Palais Garnier. But there is nothing decisive. And, on the whole, it may be worse. It all starts very well.

the curtain opened, one is greeted by a decor very impressive with Jan Versweyveld: a maze of narrow streets, facades, stairs, traboules, which the vanishing lines allow all the lawsuits and cover-ups. It is the key asset of the production, it will also be the limit. Because this is the stage that follows the device and not the other way around. The very intense Ivo van Hove, it was expected a radical reading. He holds to a literal translation.

All the world is singing well and strong, to the detriment of the shades

We know the direction of the actors: it does not disappoint, the psychology of the characters is nicely detailed. But it is Don Giovanni , all the same! Not just any piece of theatre …

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