the Global future is uncertain, especially in the background of the fight against coronavirus. No one can predict what will happen, but there are two possible scenarios, said the head of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, it is quoted by Aftonbladet.

the First “optimistic” scenario, according to him, implies that countries will be able to cope with the current situation: developed countries will develop a successful recovery plan, and developing will get plenty of help. Thus for about nine months there will be a vaccine that will be distributed freely and is accessible to all. Gradually the economy recovers and after two or three the world will be able to return to normal.

However, all will develop under the worst-case scenario — it assumes that the world will be a new outbreak of the virus. This will worsen the situation in developing countries. Work on a vaccine will be delayed, and if it appears, will accrue only to countries with great economic opportunities. The result can ensue a global depression that will last at least five to seven years.

“We must do everything possible and prepare for the worst,” — said Guterres, stressing that we need multilateral cooperation, and political leaders around the world should watch this revival and rally.

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