A pensioner from Chechnya were forced to repent on television for contacting the witch

an Elderly resident of Chechnya, has publicly repented for turning to the services of a witch.

As stated in the story GTRK “Grozny”, at the home of the pensioner Malkan medavoy the police found the “magical Arsenal” for the rituals of “black magic.” On what basis employees of the interior Ministry conducted her search, not specified.

a Resident of Gudermes explained that several years ago the witch herself turned to her and offered his help in family matters: the pensioner wanted to save the marriage of his daughter. In TV news, a woman cries and repents for his behavior. The assessment of her actions also gives the Islamic expert. As proof that the magic hurt of the daughter of the pensioner, he sang the Sunnah from the Qur’an, and were in the hall, the woman’s daughter was sick.

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