A pensioner from Perm region on all fours got to the store (video)

Pensioner Lyudmila Gavrilova from Tchaikovsky Perm region went to the store on all fours. As reported by 360tv, a woman paralyzed for six years. A pensioner got from the video in social networks. The author Vyacheslav Nechkin noticed a woman on the street, when she crawled to the store. According to the pensioner, the volunteers bought her groceries but that’s not what she wanted. Then the man told her to go to people who help with the purchase of products. The elderly woman at first refused, but eventually agreed to his proposal. “I ran, found a pen, and exchanged numbers. Suggested: “Let us still buy you food,” and she said, “I myself.” Her to have to crawl no more than 50 metres. The shop is located on the corner of the house”, — told the TV channel Nechkin. He added that the woman promised then to take advantage of his volunteer service. “I the first time such phenomenon was seen. I do not think that the pleasure she’s receiving. It was just awful,” said the author of the video. Itself the pensioner told the TV station that just went outside to walk around and “stretch their bones”. “I was crawling, everything is fine. Mountains out of molehills no need to inflate, she said. — Can crawl — crawl. And then crawled out onto the street, the weather is good. Decided to slide to the store, so to speak, to unwind, or something, to see what’s in stores. I’m not been six years, I also wonder. Head I have works fine.” The woman added that asked nothing — “no help, no handouts.” In the administration of Tchaikovsky of the city district, commenting on the video, RIA “Novosti” that the pensioner refused to help social services, helping her relatives and neighbors. They also added that for the displacements she has a wheelchair, but not always use it.

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