The penalty does not appear in the register of punishments recognized by the Geneva conventions. Or not yet… A poacher of Missouri was sentenced by the county court Baron to watch Bambi during his stay in prison, reports the most serious of the world the Springfield News Leader . David Berry, a serial killer of deer, will have to “watch the movie, Walt Disney’s Bambi at least once per month during the period of incarceration” for a term of one year, one reads in the report of the tribunal.

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An award adapted to a case deemed “outrageous” by the prosecutor, the precise local newspaper. The man was arrested in the company of three members of his family following an investigation conducted over several years. They are accused of having killed a hundred deer illegally in three States and part of canada’s territory. According to the forest guards, it would be “one of the cases of poaching, the most important of the Missouri”.

hundreds of deer killed

“deer were trophy hunted illegally, mainly at night. The poachers took the head and leaving the body of the animal to rot,” explained the prosecutor. “We do not know precisely the number of deer killed illegally during the past years by this group of poacher,” said a forest guard. But there is no doubt that it amounts to several hundred”.

The feature-length film from Walt Disney tells the story of a deer named “Bambi,” whose mother is murdered by a hunter. Great classic of animation cinema, it is considered to be one of the best films of its kind and has been classified by the Library of Congress for its cultural significance, historical or aesthetic.

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Berry, who has been sentenced to a one-year sentence of imprisonment in the jail of Lawrence county, will have to watch the movie before the 23 December for his first viewing. The hunter was also sentenced to 120 days in jail for carrying a weapon illegal. He and his father are seen to withdraw their hunting license by the Missouri Conservation Commission. Bambi’s mom, Thumper, and the Great Prince of the forest can frolic in peace.