We like a lot to get to this auditorium where we constantly discover interesting artists, often still little known. This is not the case of Mustapha Benfodil, algerian journalist who leaves his country for reports published in El Watan , or because its destiny is to be a writer calls him here and there, from France to Great Britain, in particular. A novelist, he has published several books since the early 2000s, and comprised a large number of plays.

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In End/Igneous , he gives voice to a character outside the norm, an imprecator that nothing seems to be able to silence it. Moussa is the only employee of the morgue of Balbala. The familiarity with the dead, gives courage to some, a lucidity without time of procrastination, but raised by a rage of some. Anger.

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staged by another algerian artist who adapted the text, Kheireddine Lardjam, Azeddine Benamara is Moussa. Of all its fibers, in a strongly undulating, it embodies, by the voice of the character, that of an algerian youth who dream of work, of commitment, of life. The representation is touching, as is the text. Not always of equal power. But the story of Moussa invites us to meditate on the reality of our world.

End /Igneous

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